Taking your own precious newborn images during Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 pandemic us photographers have been hit hard and have been required to close our doors. Unfortunately in the newborn world it is impossible to work safely with our little ones and its been a tough few weeks rescheduling or cancelling sessions . It breaks my heart that you will miss out on capturing all those fresh newborn moments so I have created a little step to step guide on how to take your own newborn images whilst in isolation.

The luxury of doing it yourself is you can choose a time that suits you. I usually do my newborn sessions around 9.30-10:00 as I find babies are more settled in the morning opposed to the afternoon. I would suggest starting after baby has had a nice good feed.

Take your time as there is no need to rush. If your baby is a bit unsettled , try again later or the next day.

Keep it simple. As much as babies in a bucket or basket is cute, leave these style of poses to us professionals.

What you will need :

* Your beautiful baby :)

* A large blanket or two ( the ones i have used here are both from Kmart )

* washers or little towels to use as "stuffers "under baby . If you have a breastfeeding pillow these are perfect and what i have used here

* Wraps or scarfs and baby blankets ( you can include any keepsake wraps you have too)

* outfit

*headbands and/or beanies/bonnets

* flowers, stuffed toy , baby blanket

Room area:

* a decent size area that is well lit. This could be against a large door or window. Try and find a area where the light goes all the way to the floor. AVOID direct sun.

* sheer white curtain to use if the light is too bright . Hang or pin against your window/door to difuse the light.

* a camera or phone.

Lay your blanket out flat on the floor adjacent to your window . ( I recommend using a few quilts or thicker blankets as padding first) . Position this not too far from your window. If there are any direct lines of sun on it move it further away from the window or use a sheet to diffuse the light.

I have chosen to do a few naked, wrapped and clothed shots for you, however please choose what ever your comfortable with. Lay your baby down on the blanket. ( My light source is on the left)

Lets talk Angles ...

A huge difference can be made when shooting a baby just by changing your angle. Have a play around with different angles to show different shadows and highlights.

TOP TIP ! Never shoot up your babies nose. If you can see nostrils you are too low. Move higher up and over their head. See below the correct way and incorrect way

Left image- incorrect ( up nose) Right image- Correct

Move from left to right and capture angels.. ( remembering not to block your light from window) .Move closer in. Shoot towards the window. This will change the look of am image and show you different variants of shadows and highlights..

SAFETY ALWAYS ! If you are using a DSLR camera always have a camera strap around your neck or a hand strap when doing a overhead shot

Don't forget all the detailed shots - ears, hair, fingers toes and lips

Let's get wrapped !!

If your not wanting to attempt naked images then wrapped shots are just as gorgeous. Here are some steps to help wrap you baby so they are nice and secure

1. I start with about 30cm of wrap to my left which I pull over baby and tuck on right side under bottom. Try and lift babies legs up like shown and whilst you bring wrap over.

2. Now bring wrap over from your right and continue to use a cross like pattern , making sure you pull firm as you go and tucking end in under bottom

Place baby on your fabric and repeat the angles above. You can change your babies hands from poking just outside wrap, to covered in wrap or completely out to give a different style. If baby is nice and sleepy you can slowly unwrap baby to give a half wrapped effect.. again remember you headbands, bonnets, little toys etc

Natural posing in outfit

You can pop your baby in as many outfits as you wish and do a more relaxed lifestyle look. These can be done on your bed or in the bassinet or cot.. Incorporate the nursery for a added memorable moment

Sibling/Parent Photos

If you have a siblings make sure there included. These are a few safe poses you can try. Have big brother or sister sit next to a window with a plain wall or on your bed . Get them to hold baby while wrapped up or clothed. Place babies head closest to the window. Have them look at you and look at the baby. You can easily add a second sibling next to the one holding the baby. Make sure you have your partner close by your baby to help

Get the sibling/s to hold babies hands too

Get your partner involved to take a photo of you and vice verser :)

I hope this have helped with anyone that has just had a newborn or is about to in the coming weeks. Try not to get upset about not being able to get professional photos, It's beyond our control at the moment and I will be here for you when we re-open :) Remember you are documenting your newborns life. Just capture the moment and enjoy being in your little newborn love bubble and above all stay safe.

I can't wait till i can snuggle with my newborns again. I you are wanting any of your newborn images edited feel free to contact me xx

Lots of love



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